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Playing Piano

Music lessons help to build  confidence, improve brainpower  and develop great social skills!

What you need to know

Music is a powerful source of mental, physical and intellectual well-being. The insecure find their courage,  the inattentive discover concentration, the shy and unsure build their confidence and the undermotivated become more academic stimulated.

There are numerous benefits of having music lessons and you can see that in the faces of our students. 

Go on an exciting and empowering journey of self-exploring and fun!

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Guitar lessons

Get ready for awesome 8

Want to experience full immersion into music? Then get ready for a whirlpool of music levels. It is like playing Super Mario and as exciting. There are 8 levels of exams, by the end of which you get a certificate of achivement!

Achieving more with Tuned music school

Be the talk of of the town

Your ability to play a music instrument won't go unnoticed, especially at a family event or a friends' gathering. Smash everyone with your new amazing skills and enjoy being the heart and soul of any party.

Music lessons in Northampton

Ultimate self-therapy

It is always the right time to know yourself better and to become your own guru. Music always gives you what you need through touch, sound, feeling, discipline and expression. Reap the benefits to beautify your soul!

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Taster lesson
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Block of 6 lessons
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Block of 6 lessons
(one hour)


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